Flat Fee Services for Trademark and Patent Filings

Litigation, TTAB Trials, Prosecution and legal services outside the scope are billed hourly.

Step 1 – Use our Workflow Calendar

Use our state of the art workflow calendar because it empowers you with the knowledge of when your lawyer is free to talk, and the power to lock that time, and to modify it unilaterally. After the phone call, we will assess your case, and if we choose to accept we send you digital forms. 

Step 2 – Paperless Documents

If representation is accepted, you will receive these efficient digital documents, to maximize efficiency, record keeping, and bring your law firm in to the tech revolution:

  1. DocuSign Representation Agreement
  2. Freshbooks Digital Invoice
  3. Google Form Patent Questionnaire, or
  4. Google Form Trademark Questionnaire

Step 3 – All-in-one Services

We provide all attorney services from clearance and filing to arguments and registration at a low flat fee. Some restrictions apply. Once the registration is in, we will send it USPS Priority and overnight it to you. We will stay on as your attorney of record for 12 months, and handle correspondence, and answer all your questions along the way too.